Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Get Enough Sleep in College?

Are you sleeping enough? If five hours is your everyday night’s sleep, and you drink more and more coffee just to get up in the morning, the answer is obviously NO.
It is always surprising me how many students avoid sleeping, without any valid reason. Many parents will be lucky to sleep eight uninterrupted hours a day. However, students in college do not use their opportunity to sleep and made sleeping a low priority.

Example: College Students and Sleep During Exams
December is a months of exams for many students and it is also time for college stress. With the exams there comes the Red Bull stimulation and 5 a.m. cramming. Many students overleap oneself and studying all night before the exam.

It is unproductive. Learning isn’t manual work, it is brain work. Sleep is connected with learning ability, and if you miss hours of sleep it doesn’t help your study. Even more, if you avoid sleeping the day before an exam, the college stress will hurt you more than missing a several hours of learning.

Make Sleep a Priority
College students and sleep are two incompatible things. This entire tendency to study all day and all night is the result of a big myth. This myth states that the work you made is a straight result of the time spent. This kind of approach might be useful to workers in a factory, but it’s completely wrong technique when it comes to your mind.

Brain and mind functioning is a result of your energy levels. If you are tired from lack of sleep, to learn a substantial amount of information can be twice times harder as usual. Sleeping less for a few days can help in a crises situation, but it doesn’t last forever.
If you want more sleep, begin outing it a priority. No recommendation will work for you if you still consider that sleep is a secondary thing. So, if you cannot finish your work with 8 hours a night, there is no chance that you could do better on five or six.

How to Find More Time for Sleeping 
1. Accomplish serious work early in the day.
If you’re doing your homework until 3 a.m. every day constantly, it is because you are not able to organize your time well. Try to work more during earlier hours in the morning. This will help you not to stay up all night to complete your work.

2. Establish a bed time.
Maybe it sounds silly, but it actually works. If you are going to bed whenever you like, it is likely that you will continue to push your day later and later into the night.

3. Learn how to improve study skills. I think that you use your current study time without 100% efficiency. Developing your learning productivity should give you more time to sleep.

4. Put away the caffeine. Caffeine has temporary effect. It will help you to stay sprightly. But it cannot help you to heal the main problem. If you can’t sleep on caffeine, do not drink it.