Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to Focus on Studying

Anyone can go to a library, sit down and study all day. The difficult thing here is a constant focus. If you know how to concentrate better it matters more than time spent. Most tasks in college can be resolved during normal time with a complete focus. This is also true about learning subjects are mentally taxing. The ability to focus matters more than any effort.
The sun can burn paper only with ability to focus its rays. Accordingly, you can tire oneself out learning subjects, but if your forces are not focused, you won’t succeed. I do not thing that it is necessary to enforce the argument. Most of the students will prove that the biggest challenge to studying is the ability to focus on a long term period of time.

The knowledge of focus is difficult but it can be gained. I thing that I couldn’t finish my university, if I hadn’t studied the knowledge of focusing. Someone can say that it is very easy, like all things, but I believe anyone can find something useful in my post about how to concentrate better.
I think that studying meditation helped me to learn how to focus better. I’m not an expert in meditation but what I got from my practice was that you can train your focus.

The first thing I had when I started to meditate was how boring it was. When I was sitting awake, eyes-closed in a silent room, I felt anxious. I desired to stand up and begin doing something and I felt like an unmanageable stream of thoughts was jumping from issue to issue through my mind.
Meditation can teach you to ignore that feeling. Not to repress thoughts, but simply let them fly by without thinking about them. Finally, you can get into meditative state.

I think this is familiar on how to focus on studying. When you’re going to work on a particular assignment, you feel uneasy. You want simultaneously share something on Facebook, read a blog post, talk with your friend or watch fun video on YouTube.

With a help of meditation analogy, you can learn how to concentrate better by not to suppress those thoughts, but just to ignore them. After a serious of trainings, you will be able to focus on what you need to work on. Not very delightful part in focusing is practice. Just like pumping iron, your focus can be improved by practicing it more and more. More realistic examples of how to improve concentration you can find in my next post.