Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to Improve Student’s Reading Part Two

In the previous post I was discussing how to improve reading skill to advance your education. Today, I want to develop my useful strategies for reading comprehension starting from one of the most useful strategy.

You need to Stop Subvocalizing!
When you were only a kid and learned to read you obviously read out loud. After you improved you reading skill, teacher told you to pronounce words inside your mind and read it quietly. This is where your reading education and skill levels ended.

If you want to know how to improve reading, you need just stop pronouncing the words you’re reading inside your head. It is not an easy task, and it will take much time from you.

However, for most students subvocalization had become a reading habit and people don’t understand that it is a barrier on the way to comprehension. If I am reading approximately a thousand words in a minute, but I do not hear the voice pronouncing the word in my mind while trying to understand them. Contrarily, I just see the text and my brain builds what has been written. You can understand a word that you looked in a half of the second, but it will take much more time to say these words in your head.

Most people cannot divide the subvocalization form comprehension. Therefore, they stick at 500 words per minute. If you want to improve reading you need to train quicker than you can really read.

Use Your Index Finger
When you are reading your eyes cannot stay fixed in one spot. Actually, human’s eyes are moving all the time around. And each time you lose your position in the text requires a few milliseconds to readjust. This constant process of losing position in the text can cost you a lot if you want to be faster.
In order to solve this problem, you can use your pointer to point out where you are in the text for your eyes. It may be strange for the first time, and it can even slow your reading for some time, but eventually using a pointer will help you to improve reading.
The utilization of an index finger is important if you want to improve your reading. Try to move your finger faster than you can actually read, and your eyes will able to see words faster than you brain can analyze them. This technique will help you to break your subvocalization and can help you to double your reading ability with practice.
It is necessary to use your index finger all the time. When I first started practicing to use the pointer I found it irritating to take the textbook in a position to be able to use finger to scroll through page. For me it was silly and maybe a wasting of time. But today for me it is hard to read without a finger, as I noticed how much it improved my reading skills.