Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to Improve Student’s Reading Skill Part One

Fast reading is very important skill to have just because every form of education will include reading. You can always become an expert in some intellectual area just by reading enough in that field. However, in spite of high importance of reading, many students are very inefficient at reading. Like a kid that never goes beyond a crawl, most students have satisfactory level of reading skill for an average study, but they are far from perfect.

I developed a few useful textbook reading strategies that can help to improve your reading in college. However, like any kind of skill, success will come to you through practice, so only reading this article won’t be enough. If you are interested on how to improve reading skill and comprehension, you can start read my article now.

Do not Read Your Book from Start to Finish
How do you read your textbooks? Probably from top to bottom, never returning back and never missing any parts. I think that it is very ineffective way to study. The advantage of the text is that it is not linear. For instance, you can look through core points of my article, or read them profoundly. The scheme to read a book from top to bottom is one of the simplest textbook reading strategies, and it is not always one of the most effective strategies.

For most of my textbooks that I had read, I usually reviewed the passages that I wanted to understand and completely missed passages that were unnecessary. Many authors always add jokes and metaphors to enhance the explanation of the issue which you can skip if you already got their point. Accordingly, not very experienced writers write short explanations for complex details, so re-reading can allow you to form the understanding.

Reading is not only non-linear but it is also has the different speed. Despite the fact that my average reading speed is 800 words per minute, I slow down reading if I feel that information is difficult for my understanding. Moreover, I can speed up reading at over 1400 words per minute if I’m reading not very important information. Speed reading isn’t just about quicker reading, but setting up specific speed for a particular situation.

Many students are reading a book as if they are listening to a speech. They listen to writer and follow through what he is saying in the consistent way. If you want to gain a quicker level of understanding you have to forget about this tactic. You can achieve this by reading continuation of this post How to Improve Reading Part Two.