Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Improve Your Concentration and Study Better

Do you know that one of best ways to study better is to improve concentration? In my previous post, I was talking about how to focus on studying with a help of mediation. Today, I’m going to tell you how to get good at this through practice.

Improving Focus
The two approaches I think are useful for improving focus are avoiding distractions and setting up time limits.

Avoiding distractions is the easiest technique to strengthen your focus. When I’m preparing to study, I’ll always sit at the table with a textbook for 30 minutes and think about possible things I need to learn and how. No internet, no music, no cellphone.

The most effective way to stay focused is to intentionally avoid all distractions. In such manner, the only distraction you need to fight is the distractibility of your own mind. Meditative approaches can assist you a lot with that.

The most forms of mediation rely on the idea of mental focus. Some mediation techniques recommend focusing on a concrete concept or sound to becalm your mind. Others advice you to stay focused on active visualization that with practice can push you into nirvana.

During my studies, I don’t mediate much, but I have nothing against it. However, I believed that if person is being introduced to mediation, it can gave him or her new way for developing focus in necessary areas of life.
The next step I’ve found to be effective is to intensely limit blocks of time on focusing. Many people do not know how to improve concentration simply because they don’t set up which times are focus times and which are not. Through planning a particular set of hours during day where nobody interrupts you, you can do a lot more than ever.

All your focus trainings should be progressive, so you need to write down how long you can stay focused and then begin to improve it slowly. If you are able to focus on reading a textbook only 15 minutes, it is fine. But try to read it 20 minutes for next time.

Setting Up Limits to Better Focus
I do not believe that individual can be focus constantly. You will always need coffee-breaks and avoiding distractions. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot develop your focus through practice.

Personally I think that one of the best ways to study is to be able to save your time on all necessary studies. 
Learning how to improve your focus means you need less time to learn your homework. Although my university times were difficult, I still had every evening off. And I always have one day when I didn’t do anything connected with my studies.