Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ways to Improve Student's Reading Comprehension Part Three

In my previous post I was discussing a struggling question for many students about how to improve reading. Today, I’m going to continue exploring more ways to improve reading comprehension.

Avoid Distractions
When I was a student and lived in campus I’ve observed how my friends were “studying” while watching a TV all the time. Of course, they were the same people who claim that they do not have time to study. Student reading can be happen in the atmosphere where there are too much internal distractions in one place.
If you feel you need to relax, take a break. Taking a break even help you to improve your focus, if you watch television for a few minutes, listen to some music or just close your eyes and lie for a while. Do not try to do two things together or you can lose all the advantages that speed reading can offer to you. Distractions will hinder usual reading but they can make speed reading totally ineffective. 

Surrounding distractions is a problem, but internal irritations are very bad too. They appear when in the middle of the learning you start overthinking that conversation with the friend you had, the film you want to watch, or something else. If you really want to move all your internal irritations, you must clearly define a goal and your motive. 

Find Your Source of Motivation
If there was only one thing I could offer to improve your reading skills it would be to engross yourself in the material you are learning. If you are able to link what you are reading to your motivation, and define your particular goal for reading you can achieve much focused state of your mind. 

Most of the students do not do this. Contrarily, they force themselves to learn a textbook they know they must and end up having to concentrating themselves every twenty seconds when their brain thinks that this book is very boring and would like to see something else. 

Firstly, one of the ways to improve reading comprehension is to find general motivation. This means to understand how student reading relates to your goals and strategies in your future planes. When I was reading my psychology course book, I’ve motivated myself on the reasons that many personal development concepts is built on understanding of human psychology and I can explore new ideas for myself if I will read attentively. 

When I was learning ancient Greek history I concentrated on the fact that learning a completely different nation and its culture offers new views on the world and humankind origination.
The general motivation should make you want to read a textbook. You may find reasons to read the book that are connected with your deepest interests. 

Secondly, you need to define your particular motivation for reading. What are you searching for when you reading the book. Some new ideas? A concrete decision to a problem? Comprehension  of a problem? You need to find out what you want to get from reading of the textbook, so your minde will be interested in finding the answer.